Alex Henery’s quotes from media day

Henery's comments from Husker Media Day

On if he will be running the wildcat this week
“No, hopefully not. One is enough for me.”

On what he was thinking when he was running the fake punt against Oklahoma State
“I was away from all the other guys, everyone kind of went over to the right side because that was where we were going to kick the ball, down the right hash with the roll-out punt. It just kind of opened up that way so I went that way.”

On if he just read the end on that
“Yeah, the end is supposed to come up and pressure me to force the kick. (Justin) Blatchford held him up on the end and they ended up going downfield. I found the first down marker and just ran.”

On if he was surprised how long the run took
“Yeah, I kind of went everywhere. For 27 yards it felt like I ran a mile.”

On what he was thinking while he was running – if it would hurt?
“No, I don't recall the first half of it other than finding the first-down marker. Once I got across the middle I know I had to wrap up the ball so I didn't turn it over. Other than that I just ran to where space was open.”

On if he minds contact
“It wasn't too bad, it was OK.”

On if he felt like a running back

On what he was thinking when he made the decision to run it
“I don't know if they really gave me that freedom (to make the decision), it was just something I saw that was open. I felt like I could get it, so I ran and took the chance.”

On if he wouldn't have gotten the first down
“It could have been totally different if I didn't get it. It wouldn't have been very pleasant.”

On the reaction from his coaches and teammates when he got back to the sideline
“They were pretty excited. It kept our momentum going. Obviously it led to a touchdown. It got the momentum and helped the team out. It was big.”

On the Cleveland Brown's punter on Sunday
“He kind of one-upped me and doubled mine. His was pretty cool.”

On getting the Nebraska field goal record
“It's cool to be mentioned with guys like Kris Brown, to be up there with them. They're kicking on Sundays so it's cool to be up there with them.”

On if running the punt or the kick against Colorado gave him more butterflies
“I don't know if I had butterflies for either. The punt was just something I did on the run, I guess Colorado. I had to think about that one a little bit more.”

On how long he's been making field goals in practice
“In practice I've made up to 64 indoors last year, or the year before that. During practice we don't go back too far, I kick before the games. Me and Adi (Kunalic) always go back. I think I've hit 65 before a game with the wind.”

On what it'd be like if the coaches called on him for a 64 or a 65-yard field goal
“I'd hope the wind is going in my favor. If we needed it I would give it a go.”

On how far the field goal he missed at Colorado went last year
“I hit that one real well. My kicks have a little right to left on them, but that one went straight as an arrow. I hit that one pretty well, it was just like a foot outside the post. I remember I hit it well, it was probably one of my better hits.”

On the process after coming in here as a freshman
“It's just something that you work on every day. It's like a golf game, you don't want to shank one, and it kind of ruins your score. It's something that every day I work on being consistent. If I miss one I see what I did wrong to fix it for next time, make sure I don't do that. It's just something you try and be perfect on.”

On if he looks at film of him kicking
“I'll watch other kickers and see what they do. Other than that, when I hit a ball I know exactly what I did wrong. You can tell by the spin of a ball. You'll see pro kickers – their ball is almost end over end every time. If you get a little right to left on it, you know you brought your toe up or you fell off. When I can see the ball spin I know what I did wrong right away.”

On how good Brett Maher has been as a holder
“Since I've been here I've had great holders, with (Jake) Wesch, Maher and (Austin) Cassidy. They lean the ball. They make sure it's fast enough. Their role is really important, same with (long snapper) P.J. Mangieri, he's done an excellent job this year.”

On if he thinks about the NFL
“Yeah, but we still have the whole season left. If I take care of my job, things will fall into place. It's something you can't let distract you from what you have going.”

On if there have ever been times where he didn't think he could kick it
“I don't think so. I have my yards set. During the game for the 52 yarder, he came up and asked him if I wanted to hit it. I said yeah and we went out and kicked it. It's something that is huge that he has trust in me. He knows that if he asks me I'll give him an answer. It's something that is huge between us.”

On if they have the golf terminology
“During the practice he'll say something like that if I miss it, put a little draw on it, and put a little fade on it. We communicate well. He trusts me.”

On if he determines the yardage stat before each game
“Yeah, when we go out, we'll usually kick both ways. You set what you can make and set if you had to make one, how far could you go back. Usually you'll have two distances going each way. It's just something we do before games.

On making 17 straight field goals
“I didn't really know I had 17 in a row going until you had said it. With the consistency, going out there and treating each kick like a new one. Even if I do miss one, you have to clear your mind and let it go, have a short memory.”

On if people always talking about his kicking affects his kicking
“No, I don't let it get to my mind.”

On the Missouri kicker not missing on this year
“He has missed one this year I think. I think he is 13 of 14. He did miss one last year, but he is doing really well again this year. He hits a good ball and is a good kicker.”

On how many kickers he watches
“A few, I watch a few guys in the NFL, a few guys in college just to see what they're doing.”

On if he thought he'd be in this position a few years ago
“I never thought I'd be at this point. I played soccer when I was young. I never dreamed of playing football or anything really wanting to try it until my soccer coach suggested I go out for it. I just never really dreamed of being here or anything like that.”

On if the possibility of playing in the NFL was a fact in deciding between Creighton soccer and Nebraska football
“No, just coming here as a walk-on was really just a shot. I didn't even know if I'd ever play. Going here was for engineering school, which was mainly the big factor.”

On when he believed he would possibly have a career doing this
“I always gave myself a chance. It was just something my redshirt year I didn't kick but I always gave myself a chance and worked to get better.”

On if he still follows Creighton soccer
“I'm going to try and watch their game tomorrow against Akron.”

On if he thinks about what he would have done if he went there
“I don't get into the what-ifs if I had gone there. It's something – I played soccer for my whole life if I went there. It would have been fun, but I went here and I love what I'm doing.”