Allegiant Air To End Service In Lincoln

The only airline in Lincoln that offers non-stop service to Las Vegas is no more.

After only two and a half years, Allegiant Air announced Wednesday it will end its scheduled service between Lincoln and Las Vegas.

First it was rising ticket prices, big fees to check a single bag and sometimes you don't even get a bag of peanuts anymore.

Well now high fuel cost have caused yet another setback for travelers in Lincoln, who now have fewer choices for when and where they fly.

The beginning non-stop flights from Lincoln to Las Vegas was in 2006.

Now only two and half years later, in Lincoln Allegiant Air is going out of business.

Tess Schwenka took a flight to sin city back in June a deal at only about o$140 dollars roundtrip.

Lincoln Municipal Executive Director John Wood is bracing for the impact it will have on his airport.

Allegiant isn't leaving Nebraska completely.

The company announced they'll be starting service at the Grand Island airport.

Service ends here at roughly the end of August.

If you have reservations beyond September 4th you'll be contacted and given a full refund.