Alton Brown brings his show to the Lied Center

Coming to the Lied Center on April 1 for one show only…Iron Chef host and TV personality Alton Brown.  He blends stand-up comedy, talks show antics, live music and food experimentation in a must-see extravaganza for the whole family.   Audience interaction is strictly enforced throughout the evening though; if you’re called upon as a culinary assistant, you’ll definitely want to take the lab coat Brown offers as things tend to get messy.  Brown has worked his weird magic on live audiences across the nation for over a decade but this is the first time he’s actually hit the road with a live tour.

The entire family will have a blast, especially as you sing along with Brown’s soon to be hits “Airport Shrimp Blues” and “TV Cookin Ain’t Like No Other Cookin”.

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