Amendments to Smoking Ban Considered

On Monday, November 24th, Lincoln's proposed smoking ban heads to the City Council for a vote, but it might come with some amendments. Council members are looking into several amendments that would allow smoking in some businesses under certain circumstances. Without any changes to the current proposal, the ban would eliminate smoking in all public places including bars and restaurants. Monday night the two sides squared off again in the last of the City Council's public hearings on the issue. The Council is considering several amendments to the proposed ban. They include allowing smoking in some bars which don't rely on food as their main moneymaker. But employees would have to sign a waiver to allow smoking. Other amendments include not banning smoking in truck stops or coffee houses, and possibly not banning smoking in non-profit groups such as legions and V.F.W's. Lincoln's proposed smoking ban is set for a vote at next Monday's City Council meeting.