An American pastime is helping a few Lincoln residents remember fading memories.

Posted by: Kelsey Murphy

As the bases are loaded in the bottom of the 6th at Pine Lake Park Field, Bev Grady prepares to bat with a tap on home plate.

It’s not a home run she’s anticipating, It’s the glimpse into her past she gets when holding the bat.

Grady is a former UNL and Nebraska Wesleyan women’s softball coach.

"It brings back memories of what you tried to teach them, and you see things, and when they come off the field you go out there and say okay now what perhaps could we have done better," says Grady, Dementia patient.

Coaching is a piece of her life that is disappearing without her control. She was diagnosed with Dementia five years ago.

Memory loss is something all of her teammates from Country House are fighting against. All have either Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia.

The executive director of Country House organized the team, hoping the baseball field will bring some muscle memory back.

"In taping into some of these activities it brings back these things for them and it defiantly brings back very fond memories for these folks and it just enriches their lives," says Laura Thelen, Country House Executive Director.

With Grady at bat, you can always find Gerry Tomasek playing second base. He says it brings him back to playing in the minor league.

"You kind of get discouraged because you don’t catch the ball like you used to," says Tomasek, Dementia patient.

Despite athletic ability, this league plays to prove a point. The point that Alzheimer’s and Dementia may take your past from you, but it does not mean you have to stop living your future.

The Country House softball team plays once a week when the weather is nice. They team up against other residents and even some employees.