Animals get second chance at life

 Posted By: Reid Kilmer

Dogs and puppies couldn’t wait to break loose once they arrived at the Dodge County Humane Society Wednesday.

The NOLA Freedom Transportation & Trans–pup–tation companies delivered 17 dogs to the humane society rescuing them from a euthanization list from over populated shelters down South.

Katie Glass the President of the Dodge County Humane Society, said she selected the amount of dogs the humane society could accept and couldn’t be more excited to help them find a new home in Nebraska.

Glass said, “It’s like butterflies in the tummy it’s like Christmas morning you know to open up the presents because it’s really neat when they come with the van and here’s all these cute little puppies that weren’t going to have a life that are now given a second chance and it’s an amazing feeling to be able to help these guys out.

The animal delivery costs are covered by the companies and driven by volunteers trying to help out with the cause.

Monique McCullogh, a volunteer said, “Oh it’s very rewarding because they find homes really quickly when they’ve been sitting at shelters down in Louisiana for weeks to months and they haven’t found the right home.”

Puppies are up to date on shots and go through a health exam before crossing state lines. Once they arrive to the humane society they will receive a tub, have a microchip inserted and go through an additional veterinarian exam.

Glass said she hopes to have the animals ready for adoption on Saturday.

For more information on adopting from the Dodge County Humane Society you can visit their Facebook page.