Annual “Avery Strong” Husker Games Saves Lives

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

”Get swabbed today,” Avery Harriman, said.

A message from one of Lincolns toughest fighters.

"I’m so strong," Harriman, said.

Nine year old Avery Harriman is asking you to become a bone marrow donor, you may be someone’s life saving match.

Avery was diagnosed with leukemia when he was two years old. Doctors said bone marrow transplants would be his best defense against the cancer.

Just over two years ago, Avery found a match.

"I had two bone marrow transplants defeating leukemia," Harriman, said.

On Sunday, Avery and the Men’s Husker Basketball team partnered up to bring attention to bone marrow donations.

Avery suited up in his own game day attire, a special Avery Strong t–shirt, and was the MVP of the game.

"I feel really happy when I am on the screen, I am very famous, I go like ohh I am famous," Harriman, said.

Famous for his spunky attitude.

“Go Big Red,” Harriman, said.

Famous for encouraging others to help save lives.

"I know it’s important and I can save a life and I am willing to do that,” Andrew Pitsch, said.

Famous for showing us that even at your worst, you can always find strength.

Avery wasn’t the only one standing up for the fight Sunday.

Khloe got her first transplant just over a month ago and her progress in a gift to her parents.

"I don’t know if any words can express our gratitude for people who, you know, just out of the goodness of their hearts are willing to be apart essentially of our family now, because they have gone and done something so selfless to help our little girl," Kyle Papousek, Khloe’s father, said.

Registration booths were available to fans before and during the game.

300 people signed up to be donors at Sunday’s game.