Annual Price Option

By: Jenn Hatcher

With current hot temperatures many are not be thinking about their heating bills, but maybe they should.

Black Hills energy is once again offerings an annual price option program.

“We might have a warmer winter like we've had in the past or it might be colder here in October,” says Brandy Johnson with Black Hills Energy.

This is the 15th year the energy company is offering this locked-in rate on natural gas.

It's great for folks who like to know what to expect each month.

It's up for debate whether or not the program saves patrons money because the market could do a lot of things.

“That's something that we don't know.  That's something that no one really knows, what natural gas prices are going to do.”

This past year those who signed up for the program actually ended up paying a higher rate than the markets.

The year before, they paid less.

Enrollment for the program is open.

You must sign up by October 10th.

“If you sign up for the program you will know what you're paying for gas no matter what the market does,” says Johnson.

To sign up or for more information head to

Phone enrollment begins September 10th. You can call 1-800-753-7509.

Monthly bills will still increase or decrease based on how much natural gas a customer uses.

The price option just guarantees what you pay for each unit of natural gas will stay the same.