Another high dollar burglary in Lancaster County

By: Sabrina Ahmed 

Another door kicked in by burglars.  This time, near 14th and Arbor Road North of Lincoln. No neighbors were around to see who did it.

A Rolex and a two carat diamond ring, a few of the more expensive belongings taken on Friday.

This has other people living out in the county, like Cheryl Stransky, worried about how they can protect themselves.

“As far as them breaking in locked doors—I don't know what else you can do besides lock your doors, other than getting a security system,” county resident Cheryl Stransky said.

In this latest case, the house was empty for four hours and when the homeowner got back, the front door was kicked in.

this time, the burglars bee–lined it for the master bedroom where they took 17–thousand dollars of jewelry.

the Lancaster county sheriff says this is a pattern seen in a lot of burglaries… and it's important to try to protect your belongings.

“A lot of times, there will be guns, jewelry and cash in the master bedroom and sometimes narcotics in the master bath.  consider putting high dollar items, high dollar watches, diamond rings, and those kids of things, into a little bit safer place,” Sheriff Terry Wagner said.

The Sheriff's office says there were 22 break–ins, in October, and 13 so far in November.  Stransky says, with her husband retired and home all day, and burglars still on the loose, she is sometimes afraid to leave for work.

“I'm afraid somebody might break in thinking the house is empty and that he might surprise them and then I don't know what would happen,” she said.

 That's a good point. So far though, no one has been home during these break ins.  The Sheriffs office is investigating this and other burglaries. Officials think many could be related.