Another Lincoln Student Brings a Weapon to School

Yet another case of a Lincoln student bringing a weapon to school, this time it's a gun. On Saturday night, police arrested a 15 year old boy for bringing a 25 caliber handgun to a high school basketball game. This is the sixth incident in the past two months where a weapon has been reported on school property.

It was just last Friday police responded to North Star High School after reports of a weapon on campus. That incident turned out to be a BB gun.

The recent situation has some students wondering if they're safe. North Star High School is becoming a common stop for Lincoln police. Since February 4th they've responded to the school 3 times for reported firearms on campus. Students expect a safe environment when they come to class, they're not so certain that's what they're getting.

On February 4th a 22 caliber handgun was found on a North Star student. On Friday, a student brought a BB gun to class and a day later, a student brought a 25 caliber gun to a basketball game.

Explosives were found at Pound Middle School, a wooden section of a rifle was brought to Lincoln East High School, as well as another handgun reported outside a basketball game at Lincoln High. In all, a half dozen incidents involving weapons since the new year. While alarming, police say when you have tens of thousands of students in the district, these types of problems will happen.

The 15 year old who brought the gun to the basketball game was arrested on several charges including carrying a concealed weapon, having a firearm on school grounds, and unlawful possession of a weapon. The boy says he got the gun from his uncle's bedroom.