Another Molotov Cocktail Case In Lincoln

The attacks keep happening, two more molotov cocktail explosions in Lincoln.

This is the 7th time a molotov cocktail has been used since May 19th and investigators are worried this prank could end up killing someone.

The string of attacks using molotov cocktails has spread throughout the Lincoln area, with no suspects yet residents are on edge hoping these attacks stop soon.

Thursday night Rubin Peters and his family were fast asleep inside their home near 30th and Randolph and a neighbor saw someone drive past the house and throw something on the roof.

Police say that something was a molotov cocktail that scorched the area and rolled off burning the grass.

“We're kind of on edge about this we know a lot of this has been going on around town and so it happened in this area and it's never happened before so we're kind of leery about that,” Peters said. 

Police say a second report came from Ron Tweedy who found the remnants of a molotov cocktail at his home near 84th and 'A'.

“I was just out mowing the lawn seen a burnt spot in the driveway and noticed a burnt spot in the grass and a busted bottle and a rag thought this must not be real good,” Tweedy said.

Fire investigators say this is the 7th report of molotov cocktails being reported all around the Lncoln area.

As for the victims they say they know they're pretty fortunate and say the situations could have been a lot worse.

“e're lucky because somebody's seen it and if nobody would have seen it we'd had a big fire.”

“It's just one of those things could have been a lot worse luckily it wasn't.”

Fire investigators say they have been collecting evidence at all the scenes, and will continue to investigate the situation.

If you have any information that could help authorities you are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 475-3600.