Anwesha Dey search continues

Posted By: Laurann Robinson

The search has resumed for a missing college student who’s presumed dead.

Today, search crews continued to look for the body of UNL graduate student, Anwesha Dey.

They did find some things, but they have not determined if it’s useful.

"We found several items. We’re not sure at this point if any of them are of any evidentiary value. We did find clothing, all kinds of debris," said Lincoln Police Captain Robert Farber.

30 year old, Dey, was first reported missing on May 3rd.

Security video from a business near 22nd and R shows Dey attempting to cross the Antelope Creekway, which had high water at the time.

She is seen losing her footing, and falls, being taken away into the water.

But due to rainy weather, rescue teams weren’t able to do as deep of a search as they would have liked.

Farber adds, "we feel that we now have the opportunity to do a pretty thorough search. A search that we weren’t able to do before because of weather conditions and the level of water."

He says, previously, teams have been able to search up and down the banks, but today, they were able to go deeper into the water, since the levels are much lower now.

He also says if you have any information, or find something in the water, let Lincoln Police know. Their non-emergency number is (402) 441-6000.