Apartment Armed Robbery

It all started when a resident inside the building heard his intercom buzz.  Now, as police search for two suspects, neighbors say it's just another sign of the changing times in their neighborhood.

Police say a 19-year-old man was inside his apartment Saturday night, when someone buzzed his intercom, claiming to be a neighbor who was locked out.  He let them in and moments later a knock on his door.  When he opened it up, two men, one with a gun, burst inside.  They escaped with a Play station 3, and some money.

Neighbors in the area say crimes like this are becoming more commonplace near their homes.

“It's kind of weird having these spontaneous breakins all of a sudden and not feeling safe any more and i have a lot of people i know feel the same.” said one neighbor.

Police are looking for two men.

One is said to be a black man, about 5'8, 170 pounds, wearing a blue shirt, blue jacket and blue jeans.  The other is a black man about 6' tall , 180 pounds with a white tank top and blue jeans.

As for the man inside the apartment, he was not injured in any way during the robbery.