Apartment fire in Waverly

Posted By: Veronica Ortega 


This morning there was a fire at an apartment complex near 140th and Cornhusker Hwy. Firefighters say it happened around 4:30 at the Wayfair apartment complex in Waverly.

They say two people were inside at the time. No one was injured.

The flames were on to the balcony of a unit on the third floor of the building. They say the fire was out within ten minutes.

“It worked it’s way onto the balcony. It was in the smoldering phase when we got to it. Not a whole lot of smoke or flames. A glass door that broke, but that’s pretty much the extent of what it traveled inside. So mainly contained to the deck on the outside,” says Assistant Fire Chief Jared Rains.    

At this time it’s unknown what caused the fire or the estimated cost of damages. The residents of the unit were able to safely return to their apartment this morning.