Appliance rebate program big draw in Nebraska

The state's energy efficient appliance rebate kicked off Tuesday. And it's just about gone. More than one and half million dollars in rebates were available as of about 8 Tuesday morning.  But local retailers say many Nebraskans have already taken advantage of the great deal.

“It would save water, it would save energy and quite honestly we needed a new one so this just kind of pushed us over the edge,” Mike Kucera said.

Getting anywhere from 100 to 250 dollars back for energy efficient appliances. Like a washing machine, refrigerators and dishwashers. “The rebate program started at 8 and by 11 o'clock 1/3 of that money was already gone,” Ron Romero from Schaefer's said.

Customers packed the store, hoping to get their hands on a piece of the 1 and a half million dollars allocated to Nebraska in an attempt to further stimulate the economy, all while encouraging consumers to buy green.

The program, which also includes things like air conditioners and furnaces, was definitely a hot item. “I think that is the whole goal of the program is to get rid of some of that inefficient equipment and get it upgraded to the higher efficiency systems,” Darren Kauk of Absolute Comfort said.

The rebate not only helps customers save money instantly on their purchase but will help save them even more later on down the road when it comes to paying their bill but for some like Mike Kucera it's mostly about getting a good deal.

Again the rebate program we'll only last until the money runs out.