April Stabbing Leads To New State Program

In April, Roger Einspahr, a developmentally disabled man was arrested in connection with the stabbing of a five-year old boy in a West Lincoln neighborhood. The man had lived in a nearby group-home. Health and Human services officials have identified some 22 developmentally disabled individuals in Nebraska with a history of violence, who likely need to be in a locked facility. A new program at the Hastings Regional Center, would provide that in a structured environment.

The parents of the boy who was stabbed have been lobbying for moves like this ever since the incident. They say if this new program had been in place, the incident probably could have been avoided. They say their son is recovering physically, although he still has some hurdles to clear. They still have some issues to deal with. For instance, the group homes are still operating next door.

Even though Einspahr had been ordered to be sent to the Lincoln Regional center, he has 'not' yet been convicted of a crime.