Architect For Arena Project Chosen

The Following is a News Release from Mayor Chris Beutler's Office:

Mayor Chris Beutler today announced that the City has chosen DLR Group as
the architect for the proposed new arena in the West Haymarket Area.
Beutler also announced that the Lincoln Traction Partners, a team formed by
Will and Robert Scott of WRK, will work with the City on developing a
hotel, conference center, retail and office space and condominiums in the

“There is a vibrancy that exists in our historic Haymarket, and we are
looking to build on that energy to create new jobs and opportunities for
the whole community,” said Mayor Beutler.  “We have chosen firms that share
our vision.  It is important work that must be done to put together the
best information for citizens as we move closer toward a public vote on the
arena project.”

Beutler thanked the two selection committees that researched and
interviewed architects and developers.  “The selections of both the
architect and developer were based not on the concept designs they
submitted but on their qualifications, skills and creativity,” he said.

DLR is one of the largest architectural and engineering firms in the
country. “They have extensive experience with sports facilities,” said
Beutler.  “They will help create an arena vision and give our community a
sense of what can be and what we can achieve.”

“It is our responsibility to lead and design a facility that fuels the
vision we collectively establish,” said Stan Meradith, AIA, a Principal
with DLR.  “Our goal is to design a project that the citizens of Lincoln
can embrace – one that is sustainable with an appropriate budget.”  More
information on the firm is available at

Lincoln Traction is comprised primarily of WRK, the Woodbury Corporation of
Salt Lake City and International Facilities Group of Chicago.  “Lincoln
Traction brings an important local presence and a respect and appreciation
for the uniqueness of our Haymarket area,” said Beutler.  “This respect is
certainly very important to me and to our community as we talk about the
redevelopment of this area.”

Robert Scott of WRK said Lincoln Traction is excited to work with the City,
the University of Nebraska and the 2015 Vision Group to create a
development that “is sensitive to local issues and stimulates dynamic
growth in our great city.”

“The focus of our proposal is the creation of a development that represents
all residents of Lincoln and reflects our significance as the Capital City
of Nebraska,” said Scott.  “We are hopeful that our civic leaders and
community residents will assist us in creating an integrated development
that is highly innovative, cost efficient, diverse and respectful to the
surrounding environment.”

Scott said Lincoln Traction would provide updates to the public on its Web
site at  He said the partnership also
would use the Web site for community input.

Beutler said the City will begin meetings with Lincoln Traction and DLR in
the near future to discuss the process and timelines.

Earlier this year, the consulting firm of Conventions, Sports and Leisure
reported that a new arena is needed in Lincoln and that it is financially
feasible.  The Nebraska Legislature this year passed a bill that would
return about $700,000 per year in state sales tax revenues for a proposed
arena with a maximum of 16,000 seats.