Are You Ready at Home for a Possible Biological Terror Attack?

All over the city citizens are being urged to take steps to prepare for the unexpected. With the whole country under orange alert, many people don't know how to prepare. The American Red Cross is trying to help prepare residents. One of the Red Cross duties is to prepare the public for disasters.

They say supplies like three days worth of food and water is necessary. Also, a flash light and extra batteries, but here are some tips you may not think of. They suggest having a few weeks worth of any prescription drugs you are taking. A spare credit card or travelers checks and an extra pair of glasses. Also, arrange a certain meeting place and an out of town contact person so everyone can be accounted for. You'll want the whole family to practice the drill.

The Red Cross has detailed plans for homes, businesses and schools. If you would like more information and a copy of the disaster plan pamphlet, call the Red Cross at 441-7997.