Areas without power being reported

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News

Around 400 Lincoln Electric Systems customers are without power near 40th and Superior.

The outage has been reported on the company’s website.

We’re working to bring you more details and will update you with information as it becomes available. 

LES also released a report saying Lincoln has hit an all time high for power usage in 2016.

Lincoln Electric System customers set a new peak demand for this year on Thursday, between 5 and 6 p.m., of 780 megawatts, said LES CEO Kevin Wailes. This is the highest peak for 2016, approaching the all-time record peak of 786 MW that was set Aug. 1, 2011. Preliminary numbers show peak electricity demand to be 750 MW today.

      Wailes stated that temperatures have been hot across the service area for a few weeks. He said depending on weather over the remainder of the summer, peaks could continue to increase.

      To help reduce demand and avoid straining the grid, LES urges customers to stay comfortable while saving energy between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. when demand is at its highest. The utility offers the following effective energy conservation tips:

  • When at home, set thermostats no lower than 78 degrees. For each degree a thermostat is set higher, customers can reduce cooling costs 3-5 percent.

  • Keep shades and drapes closed, especially on the sunny sides of the home, to reduce heat gain.

  • Use ceiling or oscillating fans in rooms that are occupied.

  • Use heat-generating appliances (such as an oven, clothes dryer or dishwasher) in the morning or late evening when outdoor temperatures are at their lowest.

  • Make certain air registers aren’t covered by drapes, furniture or carpet. Blocked registers prevent cool air flow into the home, and cause an air conditioner or heat pump to run longer.

Other money-saving tips can be found at or in the LES Video Vault on YouTube.