Arena open house

New images of the Haymarket Arena were released Thursday night depicting a much sleeker exterior design than originally thought. 

The latest image shows the building at dusk with many more glass windows then the original design showed.  The windows will be throughout the structure showing off the skyline, the Haymarket and Memorial Stadium.

Residents eager to learn more were invited to an open house to see the drawings and ask questions.  Robert Peterson attended and says, “I'd like to see how it looks on the outside and how it's going to impact the area.”

Architects went into specifics such as suggesting the dome be made from zinc and the four corners of the arena, which in the photo look like brick, be built from aluminum.  All the materials were on display for the public to see.  Dan Spiry with BVH Architects says, “It's really important for them to be able to pick up the material see how it feels and see if they like it.”

Other hot topics included making sure the arena will fit into the historic Haymarket's classic design.  Becky Martin from the Preservation Association of Lincoln voiced some concerns.  “I want to make sure that there's some continuity and it meshes well together.   Even though the building will be new and modern, it still shouldn't look like it was just dropped out of space.”

Developers also shared that the arena could be expanded to hold 2,000 more seats if it becomes more successful in the future.  So far, they say they are on track and budget for the arena to be ready by September, 2013.