Arena Project timeline

Right now the area where the new Haymarket arena is set to go is a big open space with several railroad tracks running through it. But in just a few weeks things will begin taking shape.

Haymarket Arena Project Manager Dan Marvin tells us, Burlington Northern will get things moving. “There's some track work that they need to do there will be dirt work and track work that they would get under way in 2010.”

And it could begin as soon as next month. The rail company will relocate their tracks, west of where they lay now, to make room for the arena. That job will also kick off the area's environmental clean up.

So, how will you be effected even if you don't live or work in the haymarket? Well, with the 2–4% occupation tax on bars, restaraunts, and hotels. First the city council will hold a public hearing on the issue later this year. And Marvin expects the taxes to be in place sometime next year. “Now that the vote is out of the way we certainly advertised that this was a process that would go forward we feel like its something we can move on next.”

Then, by July next year, ground should be broken on the new arena. It's a two year construction process, that will anchor the rest of the development in the west Haymarket, which would includes hotels and retail space.

“The reason the arenas different than the others the arenas about a 24 month or two year construction cycle many of the other buildings are about a 1 year construction cycle so they don't need to break ground until 2012,” Marvin said.

One more thing we'll be seeing down there. The Amtrak station just to the southwest of the post office will be moved a bit further south, closer to the west O street bridge. Again the Arena is expected to be complete but 2013.