Argument sends two Lincoln men to jail

A heated argument Monday night sends two people to jail. Around 8 p.m. Monday night police were called to a residence on 47th west O street. 40 year old Charles Johnson called local authorities after taking a shotgun away from his girlfriend's son. Earlier in the day, police say Johnson and the woman told 18 year old Jeremy Tackett that he needed move out of his mother's home. They say Tackett then threatened Johnson with a hidden shotgun and Johnson defended himself with a hammer.

“During the argument Jeremy threatened to get some shells for a shotgun he had hidden in the home. Officers recovered that shotgun and found that it was an illegal length or short shotgun,” Officer Katie Flood said.

Johnson was able to take the shotgun from Tackett and hid it from him until police arrived. Tackett was arrested for possession of a short shotgun and Johnson for felon and possession of a firearm.