Arrest Made In Murder Case

A man has been arresrted in connection with a murder earlier this month in a North Lincoln mobile home. 26 year old Rosalio Banuelos now faces first degree murder charges in the death of Aurora Castillo Murillo. That arrest is helping one Lincoln neighborhood breath a little easier. 

This was the scene on July 13th after the body of Aurora Castillo Murillo was found, slain in her mobile home. Lincoln Police now believe they have the man responsible for the crime…26 year old Rosalio Banuelos, the husband of the victim's aunt. And with the man caught, neighbors are feeling relieved.

Kindra, neighbor: “Everybody was talking about moving out when it first happened. I'm sure now they'll feel more at peace knowing the person has been caught.”

An exact motive behind the crime still remains unclear at this point…but the suspect may have been in Lincoln looking for his wife, the victim's aunt. She had left their home in Illinois and was living with the victim. Chicago law enforcement arrested the man on Wednesday for failing to appear in court in a domestic abuse case involving his estranged wife…Lincoln Police then went to Chicago to question him about the murder.

Kindra : “If you're going to take somebody's life you deserve to be caught and I'm glad that LPD worked hard and caught the person who did it.” 

Following more investigation, an arrest warrant for first degree murder was issued in Lancaster County…and Banuelos was arrested for this additional charge at the Cook County Illinois jail.  Banuelos continues to be jailed in Illinois…extradition proceedings are ongoing.