Arrests made in string of gun burglaries

By: Channel 8 Eyewitness Newsroom

Lincoln police arrested Tremain Berks, 24, and Alexander White,26, in connection to a series of gun burglaries over the past couple of months.

The first one happened on December 25th at Acher Arms, near 33rd and A street. Police say 23 guns were taken from the shop.

On December 30th, 16 guns were taken from Big Shots near Sun Valley Boulevard.

In early January, police responded to an attempted burglary Randolph Pawn Shop, near 27th and Randolph.

Police say they found a plastic bag inside the store with Berks finger prints.

They took his phone for additional evidence and found pictures relating to the other burglaries.

“I truly believed that had that evidence not been recovered and Tremain berks identified as a suspect through the developing of the finger print that these offenses could have continued,” Chief Bliemeister, Lincoln Police, said.

So far police have recovered one gun. They’re looking for the rest of the guns and additional suspects.