Arson in an apartment complex in North Lincoln

By: Sabrina Ahmed 

Firefighters say that overnight apartment fire is arson.  It happened around 3:00 a.m. Wednesday. The scary part?  Some children were trapped next door. 

It happened at Cheever Point Apartments, near 44th and Huntington.  The fire started on the second floor in apartment 13.  Authorities say they think someone lit the apartment on fire.

Tenants quickly leave their apartments Tuesday night as fire fighters knock on everyone's doors.

“I just had to rush out—I had to put on my clothes and rush out.  I forgot my shoes and my glasses,” tenant Quinton Curry said.

The fire inspector says it was a fire in Apartment 13.

“Because the fire was relatively small, for the most part just the couch in the living room that burned up, which sat next to their front door and the front window, then I was able to rule out any accidental causes,” Fire Inspector Donald Gross said.

Inspector Gross said they believe the fire was started by gasoline.  While the fire didn't spread to the entire structure, it did involve the overhang outside the apartments, trapping a few children in the apartment next door.  Gross says the children waited for fire fighters to help get them to safety.

They were lucky this time, but if the response had been slower, it could have been worse, and he says to always be prepared.

“Getting yourself to safety is the best method. You know, playing the “what if”. If they have a fire, what they need to do to get out safely,” Inspector Gross said.

Two apartments have significant smoke and water damage, totaling more than $10,000.

As for the tenants waiting outside and watching the apartment burn, they say they're just glad everyone made it out safely.

“It did scare me.  And I saw the flame come out of the apartment on the second floor. Coulda been a lot worse,” Curry said. 

The good news is no one was hurt in the fire.  Police continue to investigate. So far, no arrests have been made.