At Least 12 Tornados Touch Down Saturday Night

Nebraskans are picking up the pieces, after at least 12 tornadoes touched down in the southeast part of the state Saturday night. Hallam was one of the areas hardest hit, about 20 miles south of Lincoln.

One person in Hallam died after being hit by debris during the tornado. She's identified as 73 year old Elaine Focken. Some of the other areas were also hit by the storms, Norris High School, Wilber, Clatonia and Firth.

We were told by Lancaster County Sheriff's office that 95-percent of all homes and businesses in Hallam were pretty much destroyed or damaged. Governor Mike Johanns has declared it a disaster area and is asking for federal aid.

The destruction was so bad that Hallam residents weren't allowed to return home on Sunday. Downed power lines and possible gas leaks posed deadly dangers everyone in the area.