Attempted burglars target rural Lancaster County

Posted By: KLKN newsroom

Another part of Lancaster County is targeted by burglars.   According to the sheriff's office, the burglars are getting more daring.

The sheriff's office reported a black male came to a neighbor's door near south 98th and Van Dorn asking to clean their carpets early Tuesday afternoon. The resident said no and the suspect drove away in a white sedan.  The sheriff's office says the house next door was burglarized and they believe that man is a suspect.

In another case last Friday in the town of Davey,  a woman found a white male in her home claiming to be from Dish TV.   He told her he knocked and wanted to adjust her satellite receiver. When she asked for identification, the man left.

In a third incident, a farmer living near 133rd and northwest 56th street says someone tried breaking into his shed this month but wasn't able to get inside.

“People need to lock their houses, lock their cars in their driveways and watch out for strange people in your neighborhoods,”  according to Sheriff Terry Wagner.  The sheriff's office says last weekend, burglars stole items out of cars in Hickman and Malcolm.