Attempted Kidnapping

It was almost a parent's worst nightmare. Lincoln police are investigating the attempted abduction of a two year-old girl.

It happened around 8 o'clock last night, in a neighborhood near 27th and Old Cheney. Police say the girl was playing just outside the front door when she was approached by a man, who said he was a fire fighter and that she could come with him. Luckily, she got back to her mom, who called authorities.

No one was hurt in last night's incident. But it is causing some concern, in a neighborhood residents have always thought is safe and family-friendly. The two-year-old girl was playing just outside her home, on the 55-hundred block of South Canterbury Lane. Luckily, she wasn't hurt by the suspect. The girl's mother saw the man flee.

It happened in a neighborhood full of families with children. Some parents say the incident raises more than one, red flag. That's because you hear about things like this, but never imagine they'll happen in your neighborhood. 

William Maltas lives just around the corner from the attempted kidnapping with his two sons, ages 4 and 6. He says he's always watching them and it seems like everyone in the neighborhood, is too. But he says, you just never know what could happen. 

Lincoln police say now that school's out, it's more important than ever, that parents know where their children are.  And that older children are checking in, about where they're headed. They say it's hard to be, too cautious. 

There are currently no suspects in last night's incident. Lincoln police officers have been going door to door in the neighborhood, looking for people who may have seen something. So far, they haven't heard anything that's helped their investigation. 

If you have any information about last night's incident that may help police, you're urged to call Crime Stoppers at 475-3600.