Attorney General Announces Charges Against State Treasurer

State Treasurer Lorelee Byrd faces up to six month in jail and a $1,000 fine for official misconduct in an investigation into financial irregularities in her office.

On Tuesday Attorney General Jon Bruning charged Byrd with 13 counts of official misconduct but he says she offered to plead guilty to one count in exchange for Bruning not seeking jail time. The charges stem from Byrd writing 13 state warrants without proper documentation. Bruning said, quote, “The State Treasurer clearly broke the law.''

The check that resulted in the charge to which Byrd pleaded guilty to was written in February and canceled in June. Some state lawmakers had said earlier that they suspected she might have written the checks and held them to make it appear as if the money had already been spent. That would have protected her office from legislative budget cuts.