Attorney General warns of online child predators

Posted By: Sarah Fili

As a parent, allowing your children on the internet can be daunting. You worry about who they’re talking to and if they’re being safe.

" [Predators will] send false pictures, it could be a 60 year old man sending photos of a 20 year old to deceive your daughter,” Attorney General Doug Peterson said.

This week authorities arrested a 63 year old Iowa man trying to meet up with what he thought was a 15 year old.

They say Dennis Ragan came to Lincoln to meet up with the girl. Thankfully it was an undercover officer. When Ragan arrived, he was taken into to custody.

Now, the Attorney General, who was in on the arrest, wants you to have the conversation with your kids about how to stay safe on the web.

"You need to be very very careful about who communicate with and if you truly don’t know who it is don’t start entering into a relationship because it’s a false world out there and you could find yourself in a difficult and dangerous situation by developing relationships with someone who actually is not who they portray themselves to be and they intent to do harm,” he said.

He suggests keeping the computer in a public space, monitoring cell phones and making sure your kids are talking to people they know in real life, not just online.