Aubrey Trail Interview

24-year-old Sydney Loofe, of Lincoln, Disappeared on November 15, and believed to be found December 4 in rural Clay County.

The FBI and Lincoln Police have identified Aubrey Trail and Bailey Boswell as persons’ of interest in the case.

They believe they were the last to see Loofe alive.

In a phone interview with Channel 8, Trail, who’s being held in Saline County Jail on unrelated charges, told us, he expects to be charged in the Loofe Case soon.

Trail said, "[I] can’t give a time frame, [I] will probably be indicted on it. There have been rumors from the courthouse that this will probably be a death penalty case."

We talked to Trail’s Attorney, Korey Reiman. He also told us he expects to be charges related to Loofe’s case to be filed soon.

As far as Bailey Boswell, who police say met Loofe on the dating app, Tinder, Trail says she had nothing to do with her death.

"She never had a felony conviction. They say Bailey did this with Aubrey doing all these crimes, but she’s never been convicted of a felony," said Trail

We asked Trail if he wanted to claim his innocence in this case.

"I will clarify there’s rumors I confessed, that is a lie, I never confessed to anything. I will not make a statement as far as that goes," said Trail.

There are a lot of rumors concerning whether there’s been any cult activity in Loofe’s Case.

"As far as the Rulo Cult, this has nothing do with the Rulo Cult, the Rulo Cult has been out of commission for 20 years," says Trail.

We then asked Trail what he would say to Sydney’s family.

Trail said, "I could only say sorry they’re going through this. I can’t get into [the] details of the case or what I’ve said, but I’m sorry for what they’re going through."

FBI spokesman Huston Pullen and Trail’s Attorney Korey Reiman both said, as far as they know, he is not being investigate for any other deaths.

Trail and Boswell will be back in court on February 12th– it’s on unrelated federal charges of transporting stolen goods.