Aurora Bands Together To Help Haitian Children

One small Nebraska town is doing a very big thing for one of the poorest nations on Earth. Folks in Aurora are making donations to orphanages in the Central-American country of Haiti. And the woman who helped start it all, is also adopting two infant boys from there.

Nicole Owen and her husband Nick have always enjoyed helping children. So when they heard kids in Haiti needed help, they answered the call. And with the help of their small community they received more then they could ever have imagined. “The goal we set for ourselves was 1000 pounds, we got 1,088 pounds, we were blown away and so excited this community just really came through,” says Nicole.

More than 1100 pounds of goods ranging from clothing to baby food was collected.. The Owens got involved with the donation drive while they were volunteering at a local youth group. Nicole says the children in Aurora played a big part in the drive. “We have about 100 kids who attend every week and the kids went out to the community and they brought stuff and went through their closets and brought clothes and hung out flyers and I think we got donations that way also.”

But the Owens didn't stop there, they also wanted to help by adopting children from Haiti. After hearing about the problems facing the troubled country, combined with their desire to have a big family, Nicole says Haiti was a perfect match. “When we chose Haiti, a lot of it was because of the situations. Their orphanages are overflowing. They're the poorest country in the western hemisphere. The average Haitian makes 360 U.S. Dollars a year.” Nicole says Aurora is the smallest city in the United States to help with the worldwide Haitian relief effort.

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