Autism project

This Fourth of July weekend, one man is in Lincoln trying to unite the country behind a common cause.

It's called “The United States of Autism Project.”  The documentary filmmakers are traveling across the country making a movie about autism.  They stopped in Lincoln on Friday to hear one local woman's story.

Sharon da Vanport is Lincoln's leading lady.  “My son is 17 and diagnosed with Asperger's and that has been a huge part of our lives.  It's daily and I am also on the spectrum; I found out I have Asperger's.  It was a huge shock that I didn't believe.”

Sharon da Vanport turned her disbelief into passion and now she's taking part in a film about autism.  She founded the Autism Women's Network Online which is where Rich Everts got in touch with her.  Everts is the executive producer of the UInited States of Autism Project and is traveling across America to show how autism touches lives.

Everts says, “my son is on the spectrum. he's 11 so it's a personal thing for me so my wife and i decided we want to help as many families as we could we want to change the narrative of autism in america by tying in the american story with overcoming challenges and the triumphs along the way.”

in lincoln they're filming this group session with sharon and other adults in the autistic spectrum.

Sharon says it's about learning from each other as she and her son live with asperger's.

“it's something i would describe as a blessing because innately i get him. “

she hopes sharing her story through rich's lens will make a difference for others.

“there's so, so much we need to get out there as a community.”




the crew will spend forty days filming .

Next stop denver.

The movie will be out in 2011.



You can follow the united states of autism project online or visit the autism women's network.

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