Auto Theft Ring

The Lancaster County Sheriffs Department needs your help to find a wanted man. The man is believed to be part of an auto theft ring. Stolen vehicles from 3-counties have been recovered. But, the suspect is still on the loose. The man police are looking for 31-year old Jason Gericke. Deputies received a tip that a camper-trailer stolen from a Lincoln dealer was sitting outside a south Lincoln house. Detectives put the trailer and an attached jeep under surveilance. A few hours later, Gericke jumped in the jeep and drove away. Deputies began chasing the jeep and ended up in the Williamsburg Hy-Vee parking lot. But once again, Gericke was able to elude pursuers. By escaping in yet another stolen vehicle that he had stashed in the parking lot. Now deputies aren't sure where he may be headed. Gericke has been in trouble before, numerous drug and theft charges. On May 2nd,  he was arrested by the Nebraska State Patrol for possesion of meth with intent to deliver and possesion of an explosive device and for posession of a deadly weapon.  Police say Jason Gericke should be handled with caution.. If you have any information you are urged to call the Lancaster County Sheriff or Lincoln Police.