Automated Postal Services

We're one week away from Christmas and if you haven't got your cards and presents to the mailbox you only have a few days until the shipping deadline.  Just today three million cards, letters and packages will go through the post offices here in Lincoln around the U.S. about one-billion items will be shipped via the skies, streets and seas.  Letter's to Santa will have to be placed in the mail box by Thursday after that all other mail will have to be shipped express by the 22nd to get to the destination by Christmas. For after hour mailing go to the automated postal service that operates 24-4 and are easy to use accepting credit or debit. 

There are four locations: 

7th and R                                                                                                                                   51st and Van Dorn                                                                                                                     54th and R                                                                                                                                  12th and Calvert