Autonomous Car Bill is on the Governor’s Desk

Posted By: Pierce Georlett

This week in the Nebraska legislature a bill that could make the state a leader in the autonomous car industry, has made its way to Governor Pete Rickett’s desk.

The bill was introduced by Senator Anna Wishart of Lincoln earlier this year and has gotten through all three rounds of voting in this year’s legislative session.

 “It’s pro-technology, pro-business and also putting a regulatory frame work in place for autonomous vehicles since we know now that next year we will be seeing the first autonomous vehicles on the road.” says Sen. Wishart.

Recently the autonomous vehicles have been making huge strides in the automotive industry. So much so that Uber has bought 24,000 self driving cars from Volvo.

In 2015 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated nearly 94% of car crashes that occur in the U.S. happen due to human error.

However, some still have concerns that the vehicles can cause deadly accidents.

In early 2018 a bicyclist in Tempe, Arizona was struck and killed by a self-driving car operated by Uber. After the accident the company suspended the program.

Despite the deadly accident, the Nebraska Legislature continues to try to pave the way for self driving cars in the United States.  We could even see autonomous shuttles as early as this summer.

“I couldn’t foresee the governor wanting to give up the opportunity for one of his cities, which is Lincoln, to be a leader in having autonomous shuttle, it would be and of the first cities in the country with some private funds to run a shuttle starting this summer,” said  Sen. Wishart.

Wishart and other senators believe this is the cutting edge of the automotive industry, and that getting ahead of these autonomous vehicles is something that could really boosts the state’s economy.

“Well for me it’s a big deal because I think Nebraska; if we want to start to grow our economy we need to be really competitive especially in technology business,” commented Sen. Wishart “I happen to represent and proud to represent the Haymarket area which we are calling now the Silicon Prairie and so I’m excited to move foreword on these kinds of advanced pieces of legislation that can bring a new kind of business to our state and make us competitive.”  

The autonomous car bill will now go to Governor Rickett’s desk, and he will decide if there’s a future for self-driving vehicles in the state.