Back to school vaccinations for free

Posted By: Veronica Ortega

Clinic with a Heart wants to make sure your kids are healthy before they head back to school. That’s why they’re offering a free school physical clinic on August 13th and the 20th.

Doctors, dentist, and the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department will all be on hand to help and administer vaccines.

"It’s one stop shopping and all those services are available here, and there all free on that day too which helps people who are struggling especially if you have a couple of kids it get expensive," Teresa Harms, Executive Director at Clinic with a Heart, said.

Nebraska law requires children enrolling in kindergarten or first grade, depending on the district, to have proof of their vaccinations before sending them back to school.

"You want to shorten that time for your child where they could potentially be exposed to a dangerous illness and not protected," Andrea Haberman said.

The free clinic is on a first come first serve basis so they only have room to see 50 kids. Staff members say every year they discover bigger issues like diabetes or high blood pressure. So they say it’s a good opportunity to make sure your child is safe and getting the care they need.

"Every year at our school physical clinics we find a couple of really sick kids. So this is the starts of a medical journey for them," Harms said.

Again the event is at Clinic with a Heart near 17th and Sumner Streets. You can check in starting at 2 p.m., and doors open at 4.