Bad vaccines has some worried

By: Kali Nicole

Every mother cringes at the sound, putting their baby through the pain of immunizations.

What makes it worse? Hearing 75 percent of vaccines found in 45 selected providers across the country were stored incorrectly, most commonly at the wrong temperature.

Which is why some local doctors say they've made it common practice to put into place extra precautions.

“We put two different thermometers in the storage area that we store our vaccines in and we alarm that system so if the temperature even approaches out of range, we would know that ahead of time and we could take action,” said Dr. M. Scott Applegate.

Something Dr. Applegate recommends all clinics do. Not because a bad dose of vaccines will harm you or your child. It just may not protect you at all, like an expired batch. Another problem the CDC dug up when they found 13 providers stored out of date vaccines with effective ones.

“I'm not worried, if my pediatrician doesn't want me to get them because of all this then I won't but I think he'll still want them to be immunized,” said Cassie Hurd, a mother of two.

Dr. Applegate adds, it's this trust and open communication that helps keep clinics on their feet. “They should simply visit with their doctor about the storage vaccines, under no circumstances should they avoid vaccines because of the scare,” said Dr. Applegate.