Baklava bakery opening in North Lincoln

Posted By: Camila Orti

A Lincoln woman is overcoming her own obstacles and opening a new baklava bakery in town.

“It's nice to go into that pan and think of all the people that're going to enjoy it,” Bubba's Baklava owner ToriJo Spence said.

Spence says she's been baking since she was seven years old, learning dessert recipes from her grandma.

“She taught me that a recipe is only a base and it's something to play with, so I started playing,” Spence said.

The result was dozens of variations of the Mediterranean dessert that led to her bakery, which will open later this month.

Spence says it hasn't been an easy journey.

“I spent at least maybe 8 years, just away from people and dealing with what I had to deal with,” Spence said.

Social anxiety disorder and fear of public spaces kept Spence quite literally behind closed doors.

“I mean I would get nauseous and throw up and just the thought of touching that door and going outside,” Spence said.

She says it took years of therapy to get her where she is now. With the help of Nebraska Self Employment Services, Lincoln's first gourmet, organic baklava bakery was born.

The production kitchen is located in an alley near 48th and Madison, but you won't see a bakery window. For now, the business is delivery and wholesale only.

Spence hopes that unique flavors like Lemonzinger and Mexican Spice will help her business succeed and grow.

“I would love to have a store front,” Spence said.

The ribbon–cutting ceremony for her kitchen is next Tuesday.

If you want to sample the treats before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Open Harvest will have tasting samples this Saturday. Bubba's Baklava will also be selling its goods at Mo Java Cafe.

More information on the bakery, including how to order, can be found on