Bank re-opens months after car crashes through it

"I saw parts of the building coming down from the ceiling, so I though that maybe something had structurally given way, until I saw the car in the building,” Stephen Watson, branch manager, said.

Stephen Watson recounts what started as a normal day at work at Great Western Bank, near 56th and Cotner on March 8th.

"We were busy, just like any other Wednesday," Watson, said.

The say was interrupted by a terrifying accident.

"I heard this loud crash and I immediately jumped up from my desk to see what happening," Watson, said.

A car crashed right through the side of the building sending the driver and two employees were taken to the hospital.

The bank manager tells me one of those employees was standing near the teller window; in line with the car. They are both recovering.

The 73 year-old driver was cited with negligent driving.

Months later, the bank is up and running in their original location.

They held a special grand re–opening, with a new look, Wednesday.

"It hit this entire section of the branch,” Watson, said. “From this wall to the end over there this is all new."

The newest edition: safety posts.

"Just because of the event and what happened, Great Western Bank thought it would be important to make sure there was a protective layer so this sort of freak accident could never happen again."

Those posts are expected to be done by the end of the week.