“Barefoot Bandit” arrested in The Bahamas

Authorities say the Barefoot Bandit, Colton Harris–Moore is headed to court later this week to be charged for up to hundreds of burglaries. He spent more than two years on the run, before finally being caught in the Bahamas. He even made a stop in Norfolk, Nebraska! 

The “Barefoot Bandit' barefoot and in shackles—not quite the ending this 19 year old had in mind for his 2–year international adventure. He may not have shoes but Colton Harris–Moore was wearing a bullet–proof and was surrounded by an army of Bahamian Police as he got off the plane here in the capital of Nassau.

Harris-Moore's mother said she was grateful that everything ended peacefully.Police arrested him early Sunday on a remote island after he tried one more daring escape—in a stolen boat. Commissioner Ellison Greenslade Bahamian Police “After a brief chase the suspect was taken into custody without incident. Police officers were able to confiscate a firearm.”

The teen ended up in the Bahamas after he crash landed a stolen plane here a week ago a plane he learned to fly by playing video games. Police say the 6 foot– 5 inch teen survived here by breaking into homes and bars, something he's allegedly been doing much of his life. 

The Barefoot Bandit was first convicted of a crime at the age of 12. By 13, he had three more convictions. At 17, he climbed out of the window of a juvenile facility near Seattle and has be–deviled police ever since.  Over two years, the teen traveled more than most adults ever will. From Washington into Canada, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, South Dakota. Recently, he gave the Midwest a try, Nebraska, Iowa, and Indiana, where he allegedly stole the plane he flew more than a thousand miles to the Bahamas. All the way—Harris–Moore seemed to taunt the police.

He left chalk footprints at several crime scenes, sometimes even left his picture behind. His antics turned him into something of a folk–hero. There's the Facebook page with more than 10,000 fans, the T–shirts rooting him on and even a song, “The Ballad of the Barefoot Bandit.”