Bars Ban Together To Fight Smoking Ban

 A group of local bars are taking action when it comes to the new smoking ban, recently passed by the lincoln city council. The bars owners handed in their official petition Friday morning. Their goal is to get the smoking ban put before all Lincoln voters. Owners and managers from bars like BC's, Brewsky's, Critters, and Dougans met to discuss the steps it'll take to get the issue put before the voters. In order to do that, they need to collect more than 21-hundred signatures from Lincoln voters by Tuesday morning. B-C's manager Mary Rauner says they believe the voters will stand up for their right to smoke. According to the group's legal council, if the bar owners do get enough signatures, the smoking ban will be suspended immediately. The city council will then have three choices.They can repeal the ban, hold a special election where voters would vote only on this issue, or put the issue on the next general city election, which will take place in May of 2005. We'll have much more on this story coming up on the channel 8 eyewitness news at 6.