Baseball league holds benefit tournament for Beaver Crossing

Posted By: Camila Orti

It might not be their home field, but Beaver Crossing baseball players are back on the diamond.

Thanks to several surrounding communities, baseball can live on in Beaver Crossing even if their ball park does not.

“They’re having fun and they’re not having to worry about the house being dirty or messy or having a house period,” Beaver Crossing baseball coach Nick Streit said.

Streit was worried he’d have to tell his players there’d be no baseball this summer. The Mother’s Day tornado left the town’s park and field in ruins, ripping up the stands, damaging fences and tearing down lights. Instead of singles or doubles, the only thing landing in the outfield now is debris.

“The park is the heart of the town, I mean that’s where they have a lot of their gatherings, it’s a sense of pride for them,” Ann Collingham of Beaver Crossing said.

The storm broke the hearts of dozens of kids who use the field all summer.

“It put me down, I mean it was kinda devastating,” 11-year-old baseball player Logan Cast said.

In response to the tragedy, surrounding towns came together to host a benefit tournament in Milford Saturday. The event raised thousands of dollars and countless spirits.

“It’s just been 24/7 nonstop and so everyone just needed a day to get away from all that,” Pamela Cast said. Her son, Logan, plays on one of the Beaver Crossing teams.

16 teams signed up to play. Every dollar from registration fees to concessions to face painting will go directly to Beaver Crossing.

“We can raise some money for them so, they got a beautiful ball park and we’d like them to get it put back the way it was,” Milford coach Joe Schluckebier said.

Organizers estimate more than $7,000 were donated throughout the day. Community leaders say they’ll need about $200,000 to completely renovate the park.

An upcoming dance will also help raise funds for Beaver Crossing’s baseball field. It’s scheduled for July 12th in Goehner.

If you’d like to help: you can donate money at

Community officials say homeowners in Beaver Crossing still need assistance clearing out hundreds of large trees, and are reaching out to organizations that can help families without insurance. Financial donations are still being accepted, but officials ask that volunteers wait for an announcement before showing up to help.