Battalion Chief turns in his badge after 40 years

By: Cole Miller

After nearly 40 years of putting gout fires and rescuing people, a firefighter turned in his badge today.

Battalion Chief, Dean Staberg, has become a role model for many of the firefighters who have served him. As he looks back on his nearly four decades with the LFR, he says he'll miss serving the city.

Today, the Battalion Chief retires. He says he fell in love with the idea of firefighting after serving in the military, where some of the men along side him shared their stories.

“I had a fascination with the work they did and decided this would be a good thin for me to try,” said Staberg

It turned from just giving it a try to a rewarding career. “I enjoyed public service. I enjoyed wearing the uniform. I enjoyed helping people and serving the community. So, I knew when I got here that this was going to be a life-long endeavor.”

38 years and four months later, Staberg says he's honored to have served Lincoln. “The 250,000 people that I work for, they've been the best bosses I could ever hope to have,” he said.

After some “Bad to the Bone,” and a short phone call, we got back on track. “I'm going to miss the firefighters and the adrenaline that you get when you charge out the door to go to an emergency to help people. So, I'll miss that the most.”

Staberg says he's looking forward to spending time with his family, visiting from out of town. They'll stay until Monday, then Staberg is off to the lake. “Come Tuesday, Wednesday, you might find me fishing some place.”

He leaves behind some big shoes to fill, size 15s to be exact. We say thank you, Dean Staberg, for all of your hard work.

Staberg passes off his title of Battalion CHief to Tim Linke, who says he's excited for the new role.