BB Gun Vandals

 It was not a good weekend for several people in Lincoln.

Police are investigating around 60 cases of vandalism.

Much of it was to cars.  

The vandalism's occurred mostly in the Southeast part of town.  

Lincoln police say in many cases, BB guns were used to shoot out windows.  

Kathy Masters found the damage early Sunday morning.

Shr says she's really frustrated.

Lincoln Police say they've received around 60 calls of vandalism over the weekend and early Monday morning.

30 of those acts were caused from a BB gun.

Several calls have come into Harmon Glass to repair the damage.  

Owner Ron Stachura says it's not necessarily the way he expects business to come in.

Police say there are no suspects at this time.  

Masters says she hopes the vandals put themselves in the victims shoes and stop damaging other's property.

Lincoln Police say if you are someone that has any information to contact police.

That number is 475-3600.