Beating the Heat

The sweltering heat meant a busy day for Bryant air conditioning and heating.

Bryant says their staff was in full force today about 8 crews were working around the clock to keep people cool inside their houses.

This was the norm for Bryant air conditioning and heating crews who were dealing with problem a–ac's all over the town.

One of their last stops of the day was Andy Frahms home.

“It was probably about 84 in the house,” Frahm said.

That's because his refrigerant was low a pretty common problem on hot days like today.

Frahm says they managed to get through the first part of the summer without it needing to be fixed but it got just too hot today.

 “My wife's a stay at home mom so she noticed the heat and so she just said you gotta call someone and get this fixed, the refrigerant was low in both units so it was hot, my kids were hot, my wife was hot,” Frahm said.

Ron Schoen says hot weather like this really tests your a/a/c units and crews were being called for many different problems.

“We've had a lot of electrical components failing, pastures because of the heat, fan motors had a lot of water leaks because of the humidity's been so high that all the systems are struggling to keep up,”Schoen said.

It didn't take long for Bryant to fix the problem and now the Frahm family can go back to escaping the heat from inside their now cool house.

“I lived in phoenix for 6 years so I'm used to the heat, but the humidity was a pretty big factor today,” Frahm said.

Schoen says it's a good idea to keep your units cleaned, spraying it down with a hose, cleaning the filters and checking those refrigerant levels.