Beating the heat at the Lancaster County Super Fair

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News

Things are heating up at the Lancaster County Super Fair, literally, Thursday. 

With a heat index near 110 and temps in the 90s, fair goers are not the only ones trying to keep cool, so are the animals. 

Paula Peterson is the owner of sheep Teddy and Mongo. They were camping out by the fan as well. 

Peterson said with this heat, they take extra precaution like putting up fans and making sure there’s plenty of water. 

"Bringing them to the fair is a different situation it takes them out of their comfort zone, so we’re a little cautious than what we would be at home," Farmer Paula Peterson said. 

The fair is also taking extra steps to help the animals beat the heat and fans are key 

In addition to the ones on the ceiling, there are at least 10 more in each barn. 

Its operations manager said the animals outside are at greater advantage with the breeze. 

"They got air flow out there and they’re out of the sun. In the barns, there’s not near the airflow that is outside, so it really restricts the air coming through,"  Lancaster County Super Fair Animal  Operations manager Nate Dowding said. 

Owners said on days like these, they just want to ensure their animals are as comfortable as possible. 
"It’s important to us as farmers. We are in this to take good care of our animals. We want to make sure they’re in the best health and conditions as they possibly be," Peterson said. 

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