Beatrice couple enters plea in child duct-tape case

Both Beatrice residents accused of duct-taping a 22-month-old child to a wall and barricading him in a closet have pleaded not guilty to felony child-abuse charges. Eighteen-year-old Jayla Hamm and 18-year-old Corde Honea  were arrested in January after police found pictures of Hamm's son crying while being duct-taped to a wall.

Hamm also told police the boy was regularly confined in a dark closet. Hamm pleaded not guilty Wednesday after a judge again refused to move her case to juvenile court. She was 17 when the incident occurred. Honea pleaded not guilty in April to charges of child abuse and possession of stolen firearms. Honea also faces a separate burglary charge related to a November incident. The boy was placed in state custody.