Beatrice family fights to save dog

Posted By: Brittany Paris

A Beatrice family's dog is on death row after he allegedly bit a teen.

But now, the family is fighting back.

“He's like our family to us,” Stephanie Carman, the dog's owner, said.”

Back in March, Carman's three kids ran to play outside and their dog, Lamar, followed. Their 13-year-old neighbor was outside, too.

According to police, the teen says Lamar was aggressive and bit him on the leg, but Carman says she's not sure that happened.

“We've had him for two years. Never had a problem with him. He's just been a good dog for as long as we've had him,” she said.

“The child that was allegedly attacked was holding a stick in his hand and if anything, we think the dog was going after the stick,” Dustin Garrison, Carman's Attorney, said.

The teens mom took him to the hospital to get the bite or scratch checked out and called police.

The next day, Carman was cited for dog at large. Beatrice Police had her bring Lamar to the Humane Society, telling her he would be euthanized.

State statue and city ordinance say a bite requires a dog be quarantined for at least 10 days, regardless if it's up to date on its shots or not. So as police and the city attorney continue to investigate, Lamar will stay here at the Beatrice Humane society.

Garrison says police only took statements from the teen and his friend, but not Carman's kids.

“We obtained a temporary restraining order last week preventing the city from euthanizing the dog,” Garrison said.

Carman has filed a lawsuit against the city and says she just wants Lamar to come home.

“My kids ask everyday when we're going to get him. It's like losing one of your kids actually. And he's just a dog but he's one of our family members,” he said.

We tried to talk to the teen's family but were unsuccessful. Also, police and the city attorney will not comment.

There will be a hearing on May 15th where a court will decide if the case will go to trial, but Garrison is working to get Lamar back immediately.