Beatrice High School offers new course focusing on career readiness

Beatrice High School is offering a new course which gives students interested in a career path in construction the opportunity to help build an actual house.

"The focus has been giving our kids the chance to learn the skills and trades of building a home. The home you see behind me is an example of what they’ve been working on. We’re really proud of this project the kids have done an excellent job," said Jason Sutter, Beatrice High School Principal.

The course is called Construction, and for nine high school students interested in a career in the industry, you couldn’t ask for a better way to get your feet wet.

"Each day we would come over here and work with the contractor. We started with digging the hole in the ground for the basement, then laying concrete. We pretty much did everything on the south side of the house over there," said Skyler Hellmer, a Senior at Beatrice High School.

The school partnered with Brett Wells Construction to offer the class.

If the time line holds, the home will be completed before school is out for the summer.

"My brother did some of this when he did building construction, so I decided that this would be a great opportunity for me to get in on the ground floor," said Hellmer.

The focus of offering the course is to get the students college and career ready, with an emphasis on having career ready students.

"We want kids to go after high school and pursue education whether it is the university level, whether it is a two-year trade school or whether it is a community college. We want our kids to be the well-rounded citizens that we need in our communities," said Sutter.

If the house is sold before next Fall, the next class will get to work on a brand new house.

Instructor Jim West says there are already 13 students signed up for the next session.